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TPA5613 2.1-channel subwoofer with Bluetooth 4.0 amplifier
판매가격 : 62,000
소비자가격 : 73,000
적립금 :1,240
상품번호 :680679
상품상태 :신상품
제품코드 :32861255365
브랜드 :huande electronic [브랜드바로가기]
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TPA5613 2.1-channel subwoofer with Bluetooth 4.0 amplifier

 This amplifier can be directly powered by switch power and DC18-32V
Four coupling capacitor now updated as MUSE capacitor or better ELNA capacitor
Input capacitor updated professional green MUSE AUDIO capacitor
 Low pass filter, better subwoofer
Product Description:
This TAS5613d amplifer can drive DC35V 4ohm ,and offer 150w +150w +75w*2 2.1channel output ,it was made by PurePath™ HD Technology and TI advanced closed loop
Signal to noise ratio:>100dB
Input impedence:20KΩ 
Output offset voltage:<150mV
Transfer range:50V/us
Frequence range:20Hz--20kHz
External size:(W)102mmX(H)36mm(D)138mm(excluding the knob and terminal sizes)
Load range:4-8ohm
Power range :DC18-DC32 (Plug size 5.5MM.internal size 2.1MM)
Ouput power (under DC35V tested)
subwoofer :150W 4ohm  80W 8ohm
PS: AMP no power supply:  This item is excluding the power supply ,you should prepare it by yourself
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SIEMENS MKT capacitor. Suitable for coupling capacitors. His voice is transparent, sound level is good, smooth and clean, compact and low frequency, high frequency and penetrating,. The overall bias HIFI, fresh and strong and very modern feel.
TAS5613D amplifiers can be driven in DC35V 4 ohm load, can provide 150W+150W+75WX2 2.1 acoustic output power, they use PUREPATH "HD technology and Ti advanced closed-loop architecture, implementation of next generation Blu ray home theater systems, stand-alone home theater, professional audio system of high definition media playback and ultra-low distortion. Is the current high-end digital power 

CBI is the latest model of Bluetooth 4 transmission module, more than theCSR8635 Bluetooth 4 supports the dual channel A2DP AVRCP HFP transport protocol, where theAVRCP: audio / video remote control specification, a simple understanding of the Bluetooth side can control the phone's play pause, up and down, so as the power amplifier selection module, will be very convenient for users to use. As long as the phone within the transmission range can be directly from the power amplifier control mobile play pause and play, and under selections and volume control.


Digital power amplifier upgrade special inductance - red ring inductance

In the digital power amplifier, the decision timbre and index is the output inductor, the so-called general import sealing I-shaped inductance and the yellow ring inductance, easy saturation, high fever, often stuffy low-frequency and ALT did not open.

The red ring and red black ring inductance is much better than that in high fever not only minimal, but extends very well. Immediately after the change.



Two, on the signal line

Signal lines are used for the transmission of weak small signal, small signal is more susceptible to interference. Normal signal lines are required to have a shielding layer. At present, there are various grades of signal lines on the market, it is best to use their own test as a good signal line. Even with very good signal lines, when using a mobile phone to do the signal source is still subject to interference.

Three, on the signal source

At present, the most commonly used signal source is the mobile phone and computer. The phone and the computer according to different brand model output audio signal quality is also different. Generally speaking, if the voice signal quality is directly from the computer motherboard is relatively poor, small volume when you can not hear, but after the amplifier will be more obvious. If you are not satisfied with the computer output sound quality, from the shop to buy USB decoder (equal to the external USB sound card) to improve the quality of audio and greatly reduce the noise. To determine the source of the noise is relatively simple, do not insert the input signal, the power amplifier volume, listen to the noise in the speaker. If there is no noise, noise from the audio signal line or description.

Use matters needing attention:

1 do not use 2-5 yuan cheap audio signal line, the line itself is not provided with a screen, introducing high frequency noises and potentiometer to rotate the hum is followed by larger, the shop has some not too expensive brand of signal line 20 yuan has very good mute effect such as Akihabara, deep sea, such as static, without the slightest hum

2 the correct use of the order is the first laptop power supply and power supply interface, and then to connect the power supply to the city. The wrong approach is to put the notebook power supply is switched on, the electric and then to the laptop plug receiving the digital power amplifier, because digital functions within the filter capacitor charging, these will produce a slight low pressure spark duration 0.1 seconds, although had no effect on the performance, but this habit is not good.


3 use as much as possible the current large power supply, if you only use 2-3A power supply, the output performance will be greatly restricted

Tip: to have enough in the audio input, the power supply voltage / current sufficient condition, will have enough output power. The power supply voltage is higher and the relative power is larger, and the horn of different impedance will have different output power. In the case of sufficient voltage and current, the greater the number of speakers, the smaller the relative sound power, please pay attention to!HTB1sde2RVXXXXcHXXXXq6xXFXXXa22 do not remove - ntos connect log tag
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상품 청약철회 가능기간은 상품 수령일로 부터 7일 이내 입니다.(상품의 하자시)
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신발의 경우, 실외에서 착화하였거나 사용흔적이 있는 경우에는 교환/반품 기간내라도 교환 및 반품이 불가능 합니다.
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